New Toy!

I'd been looking for some time for a Polaroid camera; one that was relatively inexpensive with film that is relatively easy to find and buy. But ever since productions for these kind of camera's stopped, the film for them has been ridiculously expensive. So after many days of searching, I resigned and decided that maybe it just wasn't time.

But then, THIS happened

And that consequently led me straight to to order myself one of these babies:

This is the Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s Instant Camera. It's one of the tiniest instant camera's ever, has four shooting modes and prints instant pictures in colored credit card sized photos that's very Instagram-like! It's super cute and so inexpensive.

You have to buy the film separately. It's not too expensive; each film can take 10 pictures and one film costs around $10 so it's pretty much a dollar for every picture. For both, I paid $120 including shipping đŸ˜€

So far I've taken just three pictures. If the film was cheaper to buy, I would have definitely gone through it all in one day, lol. This is a great purchase and I recommend this product to all instant photo camera lovers.

Ridiculously simple to use – 1, 2, 3 and voilà!

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