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How To Use Your White Privilege

If you recognize your privilege, then that’s good for you but don’t expect a cookie for being a decent human being. With that being said, you can use this privilege to benefit people of color in the same ways that you too benefit from being white. Watch this 4-minute video to see how:

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The Difference Between This And That


“I am distrustful of anyone who says they prefer the label “humanist” to “feminist.” You’ve heard the argument before. It’s an attempt to downplay oppression against women and avoid acknowledging male privilege. “Humanist” is taken. It has a definition. It’s a life philosophy that affirms humans’ ability and responsibility to lead ethical lives of personal fulfillment guided by reason and compassion rather than supernaturalism. Many humanists are feminists and vice versa but “humanist” isn’t just a word you made up, bub.

Co-opting “humanist” is disingenuous and lazy. Not all humans are on a level playing field. There is inequality between men and women (and among women), and the feminist movement seeks to rectify that. It was called the “feminist” movement for a reason.”


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White History Month

“Why do vegans get to have special restaurants and menu items and stuff in the grocery store? There should be food just for meat-eaters!”

“How come gays get their own special clubs? How about a place where STRAIGHT people can dance and drink alcohol and hopefully hook up?”

“Why is it that wild animals get their own habitats? There should be areas that are predominantly populated by people! Hey, that was really alliterative! Predominantly populated by people”

“Night time? What about DAY TIME!?”

Okay that’s enough of that.

People who get mad about Black History Month tend to be people who have an enormous amount of unchecked privilege. And every February, without fail, hoards of white people take to the internet to complain about there not being a white history month. So… why don’t we celebrate white history month?

Because we already do that everyday.

AHEM! Drum roll please!

It is celebrated when a white man can look in a mirror and see a man, but a Black man who looks in a mirror sees a man of color.

It is celebrated when a majority of adverts, TV shows and movies depict white people than people of color.

It is celebrated when white women are complimented as beautiful because their beauty is seen as the norm, but women of color are told that they have an exotic beauty about them. Or this: “Yeah, she’s pretty for a black girl”.

It is celebrated when entire history textbooks are filled with the stories of white people with maybe a chapter or so on people of color.

It is celebrated when white people have never experienced disadvantages because of their skin color compared to people of color who experience life at a disadvantage everyday.

And if this still doesn’t prove my point, then please click on this very amusing link.

Also, to everyone who has said this and has access to the internet, books and other sources of information – shame on you. With the amount of information out there, did you really have to ask?

Lol. Look, I’m not hating on white people. Just check your damn privilege mmkay?


“Not every white person is a racist, but the genius of racism is that you don’t have to participate to enjoy the spoils. If you’re white, you can be completely oblivious, passively accepting the status quo, and reap the rewards.”

– Mychal Denzel Smith, “White People Have to Give Up Racism” (via thenationmagazine)

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”

– Stephen R. Covey

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Your Privilege Is Showing

Check out the following images.

Don't see what's wrong with them? Let's start with everything. This, my friends, is cultural appropriation. After you have clicked the link and are now aware of the wiki definition, I INSIST you check your privilege here.

Some people, such as the ones in the images above, carry this radical notion that emulating certain cultures is a way of expressing their appreciation and deep respect for them. What they fail to realize is that they are actually disrespecting those cultures in a very profound way.

Let's break it down:
Picture 1 – This dude and a bunch of other participating white people decided to replicate and reenact the Indian religious festival of Holi. Why? Oh, because it's pretty and colorful and looks like so much fun! Why didn't they just have a massive paintball or waterballoon fight instead, you ask? Well silly, it wouldn't be considered cool, or edgy, or free-spirited if it didn't have a religious/cultural connotation slapped on it now would it?

Picture 2 – Headdresses are considered sacred in Native communities and they are reserved for the most respected and revered leaders. The girl in the picture is not only insulting this Native tradition but is wearing the headdress as a fashion accessory. The lovely cigarette smoking adds the icing to this cake.  

Picture 3 – Wearing bindi's is another stupid trend. Not only do I not like her because her face looks extremely annoying, this girl is yet another person who hasn't considered the religious implications behind wearing the bindi. And even if she was putting it on to honor that (which in itself is wrong), someone like her still cannot wear a bindi because of All These Reasons.

Picture 4 – Are you a rastafarian? No? Then take a pair of scissors and cut those off (and in case you still haven't gotten the idea for why this is wrong as well, read this). 

Picture 5 – Yes Lady Gaga, you like to be known for your crazy, over-the-top outfits but this is disgusting. She's made a mockery of the faith and culture associated with the burqa by prancing around in it and being so awesome. Reality: Muslim women get so much shit for wearing it but somehow, it's okay when liberated white woman Lady Gaga does it.  

What you should take away from this:
Cultural appropriation takes the cultural of a group of people, usually people of color, and turns it into a caricature. Despite what you may believe, appropriation hurts more than it helps. Wearing an afro wig doesn’t promote acceptance of Afros; sexy geisha/bollywood costumes doesn’t improve images of Asian women, it eroticizes them and turns them into objects to be consumed and exploited.

So here's the deal: My culture is not a trend. Stop commodifying it.

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Take That Back

“You’re so exotic!”

I have had people say that to me and let me tell you something, it is not a compliment. Calling people exotic is a colonialist backhanded way of saying someone is attractive to you but you refuse to place them on a human level. So they can’t just be ‘beautiful’ – they’re a beautiful non-white because they defy traditional white beauty. I used to think it was a compliment until I realized that comments like that are always coming from loaded preconceptions that usually involve me being second-rated to whites.

So people, take note: Indians and other “exotics” are just normal people. And if you’re giving us a compliment, please don’t use food words to describe our skin color. That’s just wrong.

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