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NYC Day 4

We didn’t have much planned out for today’s itinerary since we kinda wanted to take it slow. We also realized that there was absolutely no point in waking up early and getting an early start to the day because the blistering heat would only tire us out and make us snappy. So we decided to stay in until lunch time and wait for the weather to cool down enough for us to venture out. We were trying to think of where to go to eat, so of course we went with Indian food.

I have found that whenever I go out to eat Indian food, I always overdo it. And then I feel bloated and lethargic and I swear to myself that I’ll never repeat this again but somehow or the other, I always find myself doing the exact same thing over and over again. Nevertheless, this food was soo good. Salty lassi, sweet lassi, pani puri, butter chicken, garlic naan, palak paneer, rumali roti, lamb curry….. LAAWWWDD! This is why I love being Indian.

The next stop was to go up the Empire State Building and see NYC’s gorgeous skyline. And was it ever gorgeous:

I didn’t join Shona and Arun for this part of the tour since I had already been up Rockefeller Center and yees, before I get lectured on how different the views are from these respective roof tops, I am fully aware of it already and I didn’t join in because I wanted to conserve whatever money I could. Instead, I headed back to the apartment with Anu where I has a blissful nap with her two dogs cuddled close.

At around 8ish, we decided to head down to The Village to grab drinks and then see if we could grab a show at the Comedy Cellar for 9pm.

It seemed like we were too late to get tickets to the show but they put us down on the wait-list and amazingly, (I say amazingly because there were five of us that needed in and that wait-list was hella long) we were able to score seats and amazingly still, they were able to seat us so close to the stage!

The show was fantastic! I wish I could recall who the comedians were but oh well. We assumed the comedy show would be about two hours long, but nope, it went on until 2 in the am. I was wondering why at some point during the night, my cheeks hurt from laughing and then when I checked my phone it all made sense. Longest comedy show ever, holy shit.


“A hundred times have I thought New York is a catastrophe, and fifty times: It is a beautiful catastrophe.”

– Le Corbusier

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NYC Day 3

We had a nice long agenda of events planned for today but things didn’t exactly go according to plan. Arun went to park the car at a spot that wouldn’t earn us a ticket, but surprise, the car was no where to be found! So of course we jumped to conclusions and thought the car had been stolen owing to the fact that we had parked it in a bit of a sketchy location. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case. After some poking around, Anu found out from a clerk at the grocery store opposite to where our car was parked last that it had been towed away earlier in the morning. So our next course of action was to make our way to the station where our car was being held. Yay!

The journey there was long, tedious and hot. It would have been fine if we were going to see something touristy-like but the tow station is not something particularly exciting. But the three of us find ways to entertain ourselves you see.

This photo gives me the giggles. Most people wouldn’t find this entire affair hilarious but of course Shona and I did. Kudos to the cop who was kind enough to oblige us. After this little adventure, we went back to Anu and Suyog’s place, found a safe parking area to leave the car at and then headed over to see the United Nations building. Unfortunately we didn’t make it in time to see the flags raised but the pictures are nice nonetheless:

After this, we met up with Anu and Suyog at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. There was such a looooooong line and I remember thinking that the food isn’t going to taste as good to me because of how long I’ve had to wait, but ermahgerrdd  I was so wrong. Maybe I was super hungry, but that burger and fries were absolutely DELICIOUS. I’m like one of Pavlov’s dogs right now; salivating at the mere thought of it.

We walked around for quite a bit after this to shake off how full we felt, and along the way we came across these two iconic buildings: The Empire State Building and the Flat Iron Building

Our next stop was to head back to Grand Central Station a second time, and this time around Shona was of sound mind to be fully aware of actually being here.

Isn’t it gorgeous? I can’t get over how immense this place is.

So let me explain the picture on the right. This is Shona and Arun testing out the Whispering Gallery at Grand Central Station. So basically, the acoustics of the low ceramic arches can cause a whisper to sound like a shout. It sounds impossible but we tested it out by standing in opposite corners of the arched entryway. Then we faced the corner and whispered. It took a while for us to grasp how the concept worked but eventually we were able to hear each others voices as if we were right next to the person, not whispering into a far-away corner. It was pretty cool!

After this, the five of us headed home. Sure it wasn’t an entirely eventful day, but after the events that transpired in the morning, we were more than happy to call it a day.


“One of the big things I miss about New York is not my friends so much; it’s Shake Shack, the burger place. I miss Shake Shack.”

– Aziz Ansari

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NYC Round 2

I’m leaving for New York City today!!

This summer I was supposed to make a trip to some place I haven’t been before (I’m dying to go to Greece) with my two besties from Dubai but shit happened and our grand schemes never panned out. Oh well. Here’s hoping next summer will bring a different story.

Anyway, my sister and her hubby are going to visit their friends in Brooklyn so I decided to be the fifth wheel and make something out of my summer this year besides the usual crap I’ve been doing… which has so far been playing PS3 and watching Netflix. Can someone makeover my life please?

Moving on; the last time I made a trip to NYC we were there for a measly 3 days but this time around, we’re going for a week! 😀

So what’s on the agenda? Have a looksie:

– Rockerfellar center
– The New York Public Library
– Grand Central Station
– Empire State Building
– Chrysler Building
– The UN Building
– Flat Iron Building
– Times Square
– The Charging Bull
– Freedom Tower
– China Town
– SoHo
– Little Italy
– Central Park
– National Museum of the American Indian
– Museum of Modern Art
– Metropolitan Museum  of Art
– Museum of Sex
– Water taxi to see the Statue of Liberty
–  Go for a Drag Show
–  See the NYC Gay Pride March

That’s it for now! If we have more time and our able to get up off our asses early every morning then we should be able to squeeze in less touristy things and more New Yorky things. I’m still amazed that NYC is only 10 hours away from Saint John! How crazy is that?

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Summer hols

I’m done my summer course! Woot woot. Now I can wake up and do my absolute favorite activity: nothing.

This was a pretty brutal course though. There were around 8 articles to be read per week, each roughly about 28-35 pages along with the textbook as well as a discussion and dialogue surrounding postings on each of the articles. And then there were two paper submissions, one of which was 50%. It doesn’t sound too bad, but that amount of work over 4 weeks was not fun, especially when it was a sunny and bright day out. Not like I would have made much use of a nice sunny day but I’m jus saying.

Anyway, it’s all done and over with. To reward myself for successfully completing this course, I bought the game Dishonored 😀 I was watching the gameplay on Youtube, and it actually looks really good!

Have a looksie at the trailer:

Since I have nothing to occupy myself with now, I trust a game review will be up very shortly.

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It's August. 

AUGUST. How, HOW does time fly by so quick?
I only one more month of bliss before reality sets in. 

Of the many things I have not yet done this summer, one of the major things is that I still haven't found an apartment. No, in response to your question, I have not in fact been slacking or taking my time with finding a place. The truth is that Halifax is not being very nice to me right now. It won't supply with me with adequate information on available apartments in locations nearby to Dalhousie. I have been searching everyday but my emails either go unanswered or apartments go just as fast as I say "Hi, I'm really interested in this place, do you think I could get a –"

Anyway, I really, really hope I find something soon. I wake up in the morning feeling like a bunch of snakes are wriggling around inside my tummy and then I immediately feel nauseated. It's not a nice feeling to wake up to 😦


Jeff insists on seeing Pierce at the hospital.
Jeff: You know what? No. He’ll see Jeff next.
Nurse: No, but you’re not supposed to go —
Jeff: Or what? You’ll do twice as much work as a doctor for half the pay?
Nurse: Thank you?
Britta: It’s called a complisult, part compliment, part insult. He invented them. I coined the term. See what I just did there? That was an explanabrag.
–Community, Season Two: Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking.

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Roll Up Those Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer

I never thought it would get this serious. First it was 3 times a week. Then it went on to include weekends. Eventually we were seeing each other anytime I had two hours to spare.

I am officially in love with Netflix.

There are no cliché action movies between the two of us, no sirree. Our relationship is all about Foreign Films with a Strong Female Lead, Dark/Gritty Dramas, Horror/Gore and Social-Political Documentaries. Sometimes Netflix even suggests the six-part BBC series “Walking with Dinosaurs,” because it has now come to know what I like.

I watch roughly four movies a day now. It's a little sad how I have chosen to spend my last few days of freedom before university starts up again. OH WELL. If Netflix wasn't around, I'm sure I'd still be glued to the TV as I am the very definition of a couch potato. The only difference now is that playing games on the PS3 has taken a slight step back.

I wonder if the reason for why I'm like this is because of the lack of things to do/see in Saint John. Or maybe I'm just using that as an excuse to conceal my true nature. Or maybe I fall in between the two. Whatever it is, I can't believe this is the last weekend before I'm back to burying my nose in textbooks. As usual, I feel like there was a lot I didn't do or get to do save for the New York Trip which was productive and entertaining (I'm strangely nostalgic for NYC – I find myself wishing I was back there every now and then). I'm still baffled by how fast time flies. How does it do that?! Summer is never as long as I want it to be. I've perfected doing nothing all day and sleeping in until early afternoon and I don't want this routine to change damnit!

I'm particularily resistant to the semester starting up this time around because I know I'm going to up to my eyeballs in a lot of work for the month of September. The only thing I can grin about is having money in my pocket.

I forsee the purchase of purple streaks in the near future with this money, oh yes 😉

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I would like to lose some weight this summer.

Last summer, I was:

And then 5 minutes after that, I would be like:

Let’s hope I behave this summer. Mind you I don’t want to be skinny (I couldn’t find an appropriate GIF)… I just want to lose some of that flabbity flab.

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Summer Evaluation

The results are in! As it is September 1st and summer is officially over, I can now answer the following question: How satisfied am I with the turn out of my stuck-in-Saint John summer?

Answer: Pretty satisfied to say the least.

Moving in to the new house was the majority of my summer. Of course, the actual moving-in-process was just a few days but getting all the furniture, painting, polishing the hard wood floors and installing hard wood floors upstairs, deciding and arranging where things went and what things went took up a good amount of time. Anyway! Now that we are 90% settled in, I feel very content especially since I can laze around on my hammock whenever our lovely Saint John weather decides to be decent to us Saint Johnners.

I didn’t read as much as I hoped to but I got some done which is always great. Didn’t travel as much as I hoped to but that was a given; I knew not much would happen there. Despite all that, the major positive aspect of staying here in the summer was that I could finally celebrate my sister’s birthday, after not being able to do so (since I was never in the same place as her) for nearly 6 years! So yay to that!

♥ ♥

Besides that, I youtubed, I blogged, I surfed, I watched, I read and I networked. I don’t think I have ever used the Internet as much as I did in the past 4 weeks. I used it for anything and everything, even when it wasn’t necessary. So now it is safe to say that I am a browser whore. *Dun dun duun*

On the creativity side, I did do some comprehensive work and photography (pics will be up soon) so I’m satisfied with that particular agenda.

I’m not looking forward to going back to uni one bit. It seems summer school only just ended and my 4 weeks of well deserved holidays were much to short to enjoy. Adding to the fun is that I’ve taken courses this Fall that are going to demand a lot of time and attention and I’m no where close to being ready to fall back into study-mode. Bleh.

On the plus side, I’ll be making some dough!
You know what means – SHOOOESS.
And… other stuff; if my paycheck allows for it. I’ve already been told it’s not much but hey! something is always better than nothing.


Samantha: [upon seeing a firefighter] Hello 911? I’m on fire!
Sex and The City

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Psychological Defense!

Human psychological defense mechanism: Cognitive Dissonance

The ability of humans, when faced with data that contradicts what they believe to be true, to restructure their world around that contradiction.

Why: When your belief is contradicted, the right-thinking thing (or, more accurately, the left-thinking thing) is to revise your belief. But most people can’t or won’t do that quickly. We become attached to what we believe. We live in a time when truth changes every day—when more things have been invented in the past century than all the centuries previous—and we can’t keep up. And so we do an amazing thing: We create unique inter-worlds in our heads, states that are not quite in line with what we knew and not quite in line with what we now know. Those states take many names: faith, rebellion, nostalgia. We often hold on to it as long as possible, before the new truth overwashes us. It can be addictive to stay there. Like with everything else, too much dissonance can be harmful.

Impact: Usually we view this state as negative. Let me see if I can put you in a dissonant state in a positive way. Ready to perform a psych experiment on yourself? Okay, watch this Dschinghis Khan clip from the 1979 Eurovision contest:

If you don’t speak German, you have no idea what you just heard. I can fix that.
Click on this video with English "subtitles" (apologies for some coarse (but hilarious) language):

See, now you know exactly what they’re singing. Sure, your rationality tells you that they’re not saying, "Billy is a handyman/Porcelain is the surest plan." Doesn’t matter. You’re in a state of cognitive dissonance, with your brain constantly repeating the catchy lyrics you instinctively know to be accurate. About the only way to get out of this state is to subject yourself to the absolute truth: watching Dschinghis Khan’s English version of Maskau

 But do you really want to see it?


For the remainder of the day, I’ve had the tune of Maskau! stuck in my head. Particular lines I can’t get over without laughing are: "Come and dance and love the fish. Mister Disco summoned it! / Don’t you think I’m cool in tights? Cause it’s made of yarn and hide! Ho ho ho ho ho"

Oh youtubers, you are too amusing.

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Summer blues

I am so incredibly homesick right now, it’s nauseating.

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