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Silence is Violence

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A Bigot’s Cry

Freedom of speech is not freedom without consequences.

Now rinse and repeat.

There is an every growing cry of “Loss of Freedoms” when dealing with bigoted words and actions. To a bigot, being able to say something bigoted is part of their freedom. Well, they’re right. It is. The thing they seem to have such a difficult time understanding is that when someone else speaks out against their bigotry, freedom of speech is also being used.

People that say things like, “So much for freedom of speech” or “I have freedom of speech, I can say anything I want” in reaction to someone else’s use of the same freedom are not talking about freedom, rights or even liberty. Although, they always try to couch it as such.

No, what these people are talking about is control. They are usually people who’ve never been told that their voice wasn’t important, valued or wanted. Therefore, when they say something bigoted and someone speaks out against it, they are enraged not by what they claim as “Loss of freedom” but instead that they (and like minded people) are not the only persons allowed to have said freedoms.

They yearn for the “Good ole days” where they were the only person allowed to talk in certain groups. They don’t believe in liberty and freedom. They believe that THEY should be free and all else should be under their personal control.

“I have freedom of speech” is very likely coming from someone who does in fact have freedom of speech. Their problem? They believe they are the ONLY ones who have it. Or at least, the only person who should have it.


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