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NYC Round 2

I’m leaving for New York City today!!

This summer I was supposed to make a trip to some place I haven’t been before (I’m dying to go to Greece) with my two besties from Dubai but shit happened and our grand schemes never panned out. Oh well. Here’s hoping next summer will bring a different story.

Anyway, my sister and her hubby are going to visit their friends in Brooklyn so I decided to be the fifth wheel and make something out of my summer this year besides the usual crap I’ve been doing… which has so far been playing PS3 and watching Netflix. Can someone makeover my life please?

Moving on; the last time I made a trip to NYC we were there for a measly 3 days but this time around, we’re going for a week! 😀

So what’s on the agenda? Have a looksie:

– Rockerfellar center
– The New York Public Library
– Grand Central Station
– Empire State Building
– Chrysler Building
– The UN Building
– Flat Iron Building
– Times Square
– The Charging Bull
– Freedom Tower
– China Town
– SoHo
– Little Italy
– Central Park
– National Museum of the American Indian
– Museum of Modern Art
– Metropolitan Museum  of Art
– Museum of Sex
– Water taxi to see the Statue of Liberty
–  Go for a Drag Show
–  See the NYC Gay Pride March

That’s it for now! If we have more time and our able to get up off our asses early every morning then we should be able to squeeze in less touristy things and more New Yorky things. I’m still amazed that NYC is only 10 hours away from Saint John! How crazy is that?

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Like A Fish

Is there anything better than swimming in a lake at night with a canvas of stars and forest as your back drop? I think not. 

So I don't know why but I always thought that people weren't allowed to go swimming after dark. I just assumed that if you were caught, you'd get into trouble for it. I don't know where I got this crazy notion from (maybe it was a rule back when I was in Dubai? I don't know) but I only recently found out that you can and that people do

And when me and Shona found that out, we were literally like:

I foresee myself spending a lot of time swimming at night for the remainder of this summer. It's so exhilarating – there's just something thrilling about swimming in the dark. And if you know me at all then you'll know that I love swimming. If I had my very own swimming pool, I would probably be in it 24/7. But because the only pool in Saint John is uptown (and my lazy, lethargic self seldom has the energy for travel), and it requires having to be in a bathing suit among other people, I tend to avoid indulging in this particular pleasure of mine. 

Not anymore though! 😀

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Ready To Go

I'm all packed up and ready to go!


So here's the plan of action:

My sister and I will drive to Bangor, which is about a 3 and a half hour drive. And then we're staying over at a motel to get some sleep before waking up at 4:30am to get to the Bangor bus station at 5am. And at 5:30am, the 10 hour bus ride will take us straight to New York City.

You should just see the grin I have on my face right now. It's been plastered there all week.

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Holy Shizznit

Eight more days.
Only eight more days until my four day vacation in New York.



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When you hit Clocky’s snooze button, he will roll off of the nightstand, fall to the floor, and run around the room, searching for a place to hide. When the alarm sounds again, you have to get your butt out of bed to find it and turn it off. It finds a new spot everyday, “kind of like a hide-and-seek game”.

This is perfect for a morning snoozer-button-pressing person like me.

It’s BADASS man.

Can I has?


(Jess and Luke are searching for an apartment)
Jess: Forget it!
Luke: Why? What was wrong with it?
Jess: It was pink!
Luke: We can paint it.
Jess: You mean I can paint it.
Luke: We can paint it together.
Jess: Great! Then we can hold hands and skip afterwards.
Luke: Fine. Which one did you like?
Jess: The one before.
Luke: The one with the two fridges?
Jess: No.
Luke: Well, the one before was the one with two fridges.
Jess: No, the one we saw before was the one with the cat!
Luke: I hate cats!
Jess: Well, I don’t think the cat came with the place.
Luke: Yeah, but it had carpeting which means it’s always gonna smell like a cat.
Jess: (shrugs) Clean the carpet.
Luke: Paint the pink.
Jess: Fine. The one next to the bank.
Luke: Nah, too many windows.
Jess: What?
Luke: Six windows, all on one side, three o’clock in the afternoon, we’re sittin’ in an oven.
Jess: So we get curtains.
Luke: Well, you’d have to help me put them up.
Jess: Great! Then we can hold hands and skip afterwards.
Luke: Stop saying that!

— Gilmore Girls

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