Summer hols

I’m done my summer course! Woot woot. Now I can wake up and do my absolute favorite activity: nothing.

This was a pretty brutal course though. There were around 8 articles to be read per week, each roughly about 28-35 pages along with the textbook as well as a discussion and dialogue surrounding postings on each of the articles. And then there were two paper submissions, one of which was 50%. It doesn’t sound too bad, but that amount of work over 4 weeks was not fun, especially when it was a sunny and bright day out. Not like I would have made much use of a nice sunny day but I’m jus saying.

Anyway, it’s all done and over with. To reward myself for successfully completing this course, I bought the game Dishonored 😀 I was watching the gameplay on Youtube, and it actually looks really good!

Have a looksie at the trailer:

Since I have nothing to occupy myself with now, I trust a game review will be up very shortly.

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