Uhm, No

I find it so funny how some guys are inclined to think less of a girl if she sleeps with him, whether “easily” or not. I had the misfortune of meeting one such individual who cussed out every girl he had sex with immediately after doing the nasty.

Pardon my confusion but..

She’s not the only one doing the sex.

You are also doing the sex.


And didn’t anyone tell you that when you commit to doing the deed with a lady, you become her equal in bed. So if you choose to insult her after the fact, then really, you’re just insulting yourself.

On top of this shizz, you have gems like these floating around the interwebs: “A key that is opens many locks is a master key, a lock that is opened by many keys is a bad lock”.  Ah, so profound and insightful. But if we are going to use analogies to talk about our privates, then here’s one to counter that: A pencil sharpener that sharpens all kinds of pencils is a good pencil sharpener. A pencil that lets itself be sharpened by may sharpeners has to be thrown away. See? We can make any fucking analogy about genitals if we want to.

And one more thing. I don’t understand this language around girls being the ones ‘who get banged/nailed/screwed’ and guys being the ‘bangers/nailers/screwers’. It takes two to have sex hon; there’s no ‘fucker’ or ‘fuckee’. We both give and receive in this case so can we drop it already?

End rant.


You can judge a man’s character not by how he treats the ‘lady’ but by whether or not he treats the ‘whore’ like a human being
– Anonymous

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