GoT: Don’t Be Hatin’ On Sansa

Sansa Stark of Game of Thrones gets a lot of hate.

And I mean, a loooooot of hate.

She’s so stupid and weak and such a crybaby” etc etc etc.

Oh GoT fans who hate Sansa, you are all too quick to judge. Strength doesn’t necessary come only from brute force or boldness or assertiveness. There are many ways one can be strong, and Sansa Stark shows us hows it’s done perfectly. She may not carry a sword, sure, but that doesn’t make her weak. There are, shockingly, many other valid ways to show the world that you have some ovaries. And not all of them involve renouncing ladylike things, like Arya.

I’ll admit that her character isn’t entirely likeable in the beginning but she isn’t stupid by any means. Naive, sure. A bit silly, caught up in her fantasies of noble lords and “true knights.” I mean, you could argue that Jon Snow is equally silly for assuming the Night’s Watch and its men would all be bastions of nobility and honor, but nobody takes that as a reason to wish he’d be raped and killed. And Sansa is eleven years old. She believed in the fantasies of brave, handsome princes that were laid out in the songs she loved so much because they were all she knew. She believed that she could achieve the life she wanted – achieve happiness, achieve love – if she just followed the expectations Westerosi society has for girls. And then she realized that the role was a trap, that she had been lied to, and she still found a way to work the role, twisting it to be in her best interests. And that’s stupid?

Sansa proves herself to have a ton of emotional intelligence. She has learned quickly what it takes to survive in King’s Landing, even when the result of that lesson was her father’s head on a spike. She plays Joffrey’s own stupidity and vanity against him. She successfully navigates incredibly dangerous and tricky courtly situations where one slip means death. She spins stories and hides the truth and pretends to be far more innocent and naive than she truly is. None of that suggests a stupid person. What I like about her is that she went through so much and came out stronger. It’s really too bad that more people don’t realize that. But a lot of people judge female characters on shows a bit more harsher than they do the male characters. For example: Catelyn is stupid for caring too much about her family, which is so annoying, but when Ned Stark makes mistakes based on family he’s just a stand-up honorable guy. Cersei is an evil whore but Jaime is kewl and a badass. Bro-type fans are crappy that way but it’s more disappointing when you see that kind of hate coming from female fans too.

Be that as it may, all you haters can go suck on a lemon. Sansa is not a force to be ignored, and anyone who thinks she’s weak or useless needs to sit down and reassess their view of this girl who’s been robbed of the life she used to know, who has come out of the other side with winter in her bones waiting to swallow the Lannisters whole.


“That’s not how you play the game. You don’t just blurt out the right answer.”
– Sansa Stark

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