Valentine Schmalentine

^ partner in my case.

Before you think this is going to be a FOREEVVVERR ALOOOOONE post, let me ease your fears and tell you that it is not.

In fact, this is a post that appreciates Valentine’s Day.

Sure, even though this day is another sick commercialized excuse for businesses to hoover money out of your wallet, I like the fact that there is a day dedicated to the expression of love. While it would be nice if people did so out of their own volition and practiced this regularly, maybe a yearly reminder to do so isn’t such a bad thing. And if you’re single, then this day actually works in your favor because you only have to stand one day of seeing couples doing oogey things like frothing, proclaiming their love and pledging their eternal allegiance to one another, as opposed to all year round.

That being said, I am so glad I don’t have to go hunting for a present this year. I totally overcompensate when it comes to gift-giving, whether it’s Valentine’s or birthdays. I just feel like it’s never enough and the less money I put into it, the more likely the giftee will interpret it as less valuable and liken that value to our relationship. Silly, I know (remind me to thank adverts for all my feelings of inadequacy).

Anyway, I’m wrapping up this post with a big: HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO ONE AND ALL!

But do you know what day I really love?

February fifteenth.

Because it’s the day all those chocolate hearts are on sale for half off.

Can you say yummy in my tummy?

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