White History Month

“Why do vegans get to have special restaurants and menu items and stuff in the grocery store? There should be food just for meat-eaters!”

“How come gays get their own special clubs? How about a place where STRAIGHT people can dance and drink alcohol and hopefully hook up?”

“Why is it that wild animals get their own habitats? There should be areas that are predominantly populated by people! Hey, that was really alliterative! Predominantly populated by people”

“Night time? What about DAY TIME!?”

Okay that’s enough of that.

People who get mad about Black History Month tend to be people who have an enormous amount of unchecked privilege. And every February, without fail, hoards of white people take to the internet to complain about there not being a white history month. So… why don’t we celebrate white history month?

Because we already do that everyday.

AHEM! Drum roll please!

It is celebrated when a white man can look in a mirror and see a man, but a Black man who looks in a mirror sees a man of color.

It is celebrated when a majority of adverts, TV shows and movies depict white people than people of color.

It is celebrated when white women are complimented as beautiful because their beauty is seen as the norm, but women of color are told that they have an exotic beauty about them. Or this: “Yeah, she’s pretty for a black girl”.

It is celebrated when entire history textbooks are filled with the stories of white people with maybe a chapter or so on people of color.

It is celebrated when white people have never experienced disadvantages because of their skin color compared to people of color who experience life at a disadvantage everyday.

And if this still doesn’t prove my point, then please click on this very amusing link.

Also, to everyone who has said this and has access to the internet, books and other sources of information – shame on you. With the amount of information out there, did you really have to ask?

Lol. Look, I’m not hating on white people. Just check your damn privilege mmkay?


“Not every white person is a racist, but the genius of racism is that you don’t have to participate to enjoy the spoils. If you’re white, you can be completely oblivious, passively accepting the status quo, and reap the rewards.”

– Mychal Denzel Smith, “White People Have to Give Up Racism” (via thenationmagazine)

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”

– Stephen R. Covey

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