What’s In Your Folder?

Have you all ever noticed the “Other” folder in your Facebook message inbox?

OH EM GEE people. Go grab your laptops now- hop to it!

It’s like the Bermuda Triangle of Facebook messages! Invites, messages from non-friends and other virtual detritus all get sucked in there and disappear. As soon as I heard about it, I immediately grabbed my laptop to discover what secrets lay in this magical folder of mine. Consider my ego sufficiently stroked and my faith in life renewed.

Here are the treasures I found:

  1. Friend request messages: I found some gems like “CAN WE BE FRIENDZ?!”, and “Let’s make friendship!” I have to hand it to this next guy though. At least he took the time to type out a small message: “Hi, I’m Steve Allen. I saw your picture and profile and I like everything you wrote there and would like to know more about you”. Hmmm… lies! I call bullshit because my privacy settings are so high up there that no non-friend would be able to read my profile.
  2. Random creepy ego boost messages: this one speaks for itself, and they made my day in a sad, sad way.
  3. Group messages: I was apparently part of a few giant threads that people were responding back and forth to. It’s odd that it ended up in my Other folder. Sorry guys, I’m now 8 months late seeing this!
  4. Invites from random events: And there were so many of them. I am so glad they disappeared into this folder. Sorting through these in my Inbox folder and deleting every invite would have been such a tedious stick-something-in-my-eye task.
  5. The what-are-you-asking-me messages: Paul Robin asks me “hey… r u google?”
  6. Messages from readers: This is going to be late but thank you for the messages!

Seriously, if you didn’t know about your Facebook “Other” folder, I advise you to go spelunking in it right now. Please report back about what you find so we can giggle over it together.

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2 thoughts on “What’s In Your Folder?

  1. Never knew I had such a folder. Your blog just saved me as I got a msg from a company seeking assistance for my services. Thanks. 🙂

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