Aaannd Busted!

I watched this movie called Made in Dagenham on Netflix and just to sum it up quickly, it’s about the Ford sewing machinists strike of 1968 wherein female workers walked out in protest against sexual discrimination and demanded equal pay. The movie was pretty good, but I’m not writing this blog post to review it. Instead, I’m going to talk about how it’s been 45 years since this particular event, and women still aren’t getting paid as much as men when doing the same amount of work.

Isn’t in mind blowing? After all this time, after all those strides, we’re still not there yet?

If you research this topic, you’ll see numerous articles depicting the ludicrousness of this notion that women and men are not paid the same. Some claim unequal pay is a myth, that the reason for why they may not get paid as much is because of women’s choices, because women tend to gravitate towards certain lower-paying industries, because women don’t ask for a pay increase, because they don’t put in as many hours as men do, because they are more attracted by other features of the job than the pay rate, etc etc etc.

I call bullshit. That’s some very glossy reasons up there but it’s all a bunch of fluff. See the stats people. It does not look pretty. Here’s one for ya:

A lot of people truly believe that there is no gender pay gap and the difference is completely due to women’s choices. While this article is a comprehensive read, it examines the truth of that claim and the pay gap in general.

I’d like to especially take note of the fact that the article explains that there is still an unaccounted for difference in wages after factoring in potential choices that might affect women’s earnings.

And I’d also like to take note of the quote Experimental research has documented that employers are less likely to hire mothers compared with childless women, and when employers do make an offer to a mother, they offer them lower salaries than they do other women.”

So no, unequal pay is not a thing of the past. It’s very much an existing issue.


“You know, equality is a myth, and for some reason, everyone accepts the fact that women don’t make as much money as men do. I don’t understand that. Why do we have to take a backseat?” she says.

“I truly believe that women should be financially independent from their men. And let’s face it: Money gives men the power to run the show. It gives men the power to define value. They define what’s sexy. And men define what’s feminine. It’s ridiculous.”

— Beyonce

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