Take Your “Just Joking” And Shove It

Do you have a right to say terrible things? Of course! That’s the beauty of free speech. You can say whatever the damn hell you please and if you offend someone, you can say “oh, jk jk hee hee!’ And apparently if you say that, all will be forgiven.

No. Not today.

Today I am calling you assholes out.

Just because you can say anything you want, whenever and however, it does not block you from hearing why it is you’re a jerk for having said it. Don’t act all shocked when other people exercise their right to say exactly what it is they thought of your marvelous statement because guess what? Freedom of speech baby.

“I think we can all recognize that the “it’s a joke excuse” is the most dismissive, self-righteous loophole, created by those who refuse to examine their power, and assume they have not only the right to say whatever they want to people, but the right to control how other people react to what they have said.”

– Loose Talk

Still don’t get it? Here’s an article on the 6 types of apologies that aren’t really apologies

Freedom of speech does not equal speech without criticism.

Stop with the excuses, start with the apologies. 

Also, don’t be this guy. We know exactly what you’re doing:

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