I refuse to make a New Year’s Resolution because my lazy ass won’t see to it’s completion. As for the rest of you with resolutions, I wish you the very best of luck. Let’s drink to this being the best year yet!

The Best of 2012

Where to begin? So much went down. But I think the highlight of the year was making the best decision I’ve ever made for myself, and that was to get my BSW. Getting into Dal, moving away to a city I’ve always loved and out of a city I have come to despise has really been a dream come true. This degree is going to set me on a whole new life-changing path and I’m so excited and thankful for it. The start of 2012 was not a nice experience though. That’s because this time last year I was shitting bricks. I was preparing and putting together all the documents needed in my application for my admission into the BSW Program. I can tell you there is truly nothing worse than not knowing where you’ll be in a few months time. The anticipation that accompanies this does not particularly induce pleasant feelings, especially for someone like me. I tend to be a bit of a pessimist when it comes to things like this and I like to imagine the worst so I won’t be surprised/disappointing if it happens. So I was undergoing months of self-inflicted mind torture of telling myself “OMG SHARON, YOU’RE GONNA FAIL AT LIFE AND BE A HUMONGOUS LOSER”. So yeah, that was not fun.

Anyway, I’m curious to see what 2013 has in store for me. Who knows what’s going to happen. Somehow, the uncertainty of that is oddly exciting.

Cheers to the New Year!

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