Phew pfffbtt

I have talked, read, reblogged, shared, reposted and wrote about rape culture so much this past month and in general that I daresay I’ve gotten sick of the topic. I need to take a mental break from it, just for a little while and I think this blog could use a break from it too.

Edit: Maybe saying “I’ve gotten sick of it” isn’t the right choice of words. Rather, it is a tedious process of having to roll out and repeat this topic over and over again seeing as how the point still does not seem to stick in people’s heads.

Anyway, this blog needs a life update. I’ll be heading back to Halifax by the end of next week for my second semester in the BSW Program. I had a whole month off from school; something I’ve never had before so it was beyond awesome. I did NOTHING all day. And it was PERFECT. This was seriously my routine:

– Wake up in the afternoon: brush teeth, comb hair, look presentable etc

– Have lunch

– Play 6 hours of Fallout New Vegas (again)

– Watch episodes of favorite shows on Netflix whilst snacking like the couch potato that I am

– Read interesting websites/blogs/journals/news

– Have dinner

– Watch a movie on Netflix (I recommend: Under The Same Moon, Backyard, Made in Dagenham, Amelia)

– Sleep at 3am

Ahhhhhhhhh, this is the life people. I wish this could be my everyday.

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