Guns: A Band-Aid Solution

The aftermath of the recent rape  in India was created quite a stir. It’s been a heavy week for us, what with a 17-year-old girl who had been gang raped committing suicide because police were dragging their feet in bringing her justice. Then, on Friday, a 23-year-old woman who had been gang raped and brutally beaten died from her injuries, which included head trauma and having nearly all of her intestines removed due to being raped with an iron rod.

So it’s not entirely surprising to see read an article about Indian women applying for gun licenses.

But is that really the answer?

Whether it’s India or the U.S, it seems that there is a push to acquire guns or put guns in more hands for “protection” instead of directly addressing the root causes of the tragedies that made us want these guns in the first place. Shouldn’t we instead be dismantling rape culture?

I understand the need to feel safe. But owning a gun does not eradicate the culture that puts the blame on women who get raped, instead of pointing the finger at the rapists.A gun doesn’t change victim blaming. It doesn’t change victim shaming. It doesn’t change a culture that says “boys will be boys.”  It doesn’t change a culture that says “only sluts get raped.”

A gun is a Band-Aid, it’s not a solution. It might be a good Band-Aid. But it’s still just a Band-Aid.

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