Boy or Girl?

Whenever there’s a baby on the way, everyone is always eager to know if it’s going to be a boy or a girl.

“Will you be painting the baby’s room pink or blue?”, “Ooh, if he kicks like that then it must be a boy!”, “Tell us what you’re expecting so we know what presents to buy for your baby shower!

Yes, tell us indeed. So then we can buy gender-specific toys and gender-specific clothes for your baby and watch as they grow up within the confines of their assigned gender and perform gender roles specific to their said gender. How very suffocating.

I like the above image because it doesn’t assume. And you know what’s great about not making assumptions? You don’t misjudge, create illusions or cause harm. And you know what’s great about letting people define their own genders? You foster an environment for people that’s respectful, safe and welcoming. Now why is that such a bad thing?

Don’t know about cisgender? Click here.

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