Are You A Pussy?

“If ever there was a word in need of rehab, it is this feline expletive reserved for wimp”  – Margot Magowan

The incorporation of the word “pussy” in pop culture today is extremely problematic. Why must we equate weakness/cowardice with the female sex organ? Why have we for so long? And it makes no sense to me why we would in the first place. Are people seriously unaware of the majestic power that is the vagina? They have the remarkable capability of giving birth, a feat that penises cannot do (and if they could do, you can bet penises would be on postage stamps). They can take quite the pounding too but if you whack a guy‘s junk, it’s a total system shutdown.

I digress. This isn’t about which sex organ is better. The point is that the vagina’s get a lot of hate. You can’t say “vagina” without people telling you you’re being obscene. No one wants to know about vagina’s because they’re “complicated” and bleed every month yet women don’t die so the mechanisms by which they operate is all very weird and confusing.

I say it’s time we brought the conversation to the table and give it the attention it deserves. Let’s take the wussy out of pussy! Restore it to its deserved glory – use it as a compliment, a show of affection, a means to tell the world that you find someone or something impressive. Examples: “Rosa Parks was such a pussy!”, “Man, I want to be as much of a pussy as that firefighter over there!”

Jokes aside, the reality is that pussy = girl, and being called a girl is the worst thing in the world for a man. It’s an insult aimed to unravel every fiber that makes up the fabric of all that is pure man. It’s a derogatory term that implies he’s weak, passive, submissive and every other negative connotation associated with being female. And that’s why it’s problematic because it reinforces the notion that women are inferior, that men and women can’t and don’t share similar characteristics, that men who exhibit female-typical behavior are less manly or are gay or “faggots”, etc etc etc.

The bottom line is this: calling someone a pussy means you are too ignorant to understand the consequences of your language, and/or it means you know the meaning, don’t care, and you enjoy perpetrating misogyny. Congratulations, you are a waste of space.

“I can remember speaking to a 12-year-old boy, a football player, and I asked him, I said, “How would you feel if, in front of all the players, your coach told you, you were playing like a girl?” Now, I expected him to say something like, “I’d be sad; I’d be mad; I’d be angry,” something like that. No, the boy said to me, the boy said to me, “It would destroy me.” And I said to myself, “God, if it would destroy him to be called a girl, what are we then teaching him about girls?” — Shakesville: “My liberation as a man is tied to your liberation as a woman”.

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