There is something horribly amiss with my bodys’ sleeping mechanisms.

You know how if you sleep late and wake up early, your body will feel tired and you’ll end up sleeping earlier than you did the previous night? Yeah, my body doesn’t do that. Instead, it will either go right back to falling asleep at the previous nights’ late hour or (and this is most times) my body will decide to keep me up even later.

I’ve tried forcing myself to sleep at a normal hour. I’ll get into bed, tuck myself in, get comfy and snuggly and withheld the use of any distractions like my laptop or cell phone that will prolong my waked state. I’ve tried counting sheep, listening to idyllic music whilst thinking of dreamy, lulling, sleep-inducing imagery like soft fluffy clouds BUT NOTHING HAS WORKED. And this has been going on for close to a month so really, I’ve been going about my day-to-day activities of roughly 5-4 hours of sleep.

I think I need sleeping pills. Can someone hook me up?

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