On Body Confidence

Being confident of ones body is considered to be a highly attractive trait. In every magazine you read, there’s always some subtle (or blatant) text implying that maybe the reason why you’re not attracting  is because you’re lacking in the confidence department.

I don’t particularly like my body and I know very few people who are perfectly content with theirs. Sure there are parts of my body that I can kind of appreciate and parts that in my head I think WHY GOD WHY?!, but for the most part, I can stand to look at it. My problem areas are work-able and hey, I can always get plastic surgery done on  those areas I absolutely have no control of right? So really, body confidence is attainable, whether with surgery or without. All you have to do is work on it until you reach that desired point when you feel like a Greek God/Goddess. So really, it’s within all of our power to achieve it. So putting all this pressure to be body confident is perfectly reasonable right?


Confidence should be assessed from your ethics, from your values,  in your goals in life, in the meaning of your relationships (enough to question them and develop them), and these are what I personally consider to be ‘attractive’. And so, having the confidence to pay attention to one’s discomfort with one’s body for the sake of developing it is ‘attractive’.  By extension, no one should ever consider you less desirable because one is not yet an unassailable fortress to society’s fucked up influences on their relationship with their body.

“The people who get angriest about fat girls looking good and feeling hot are the people who are the most strongly invested in the idea that a person has to be skinny in order to be happy, healthy, and loved.”

– Lesley Kinzel, CNN.com
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