When I’m bored or trying to find ways to waste precious time, I resort to looking at online clothing stores for things I will:

a – most likely not buy

b – force myself not to buy

c – convince myself to buy

It’s like an itch I have to scratch. I’ll tell myself I’m just going to “check things out” at some favorited online shopping store, and then when I find something I like, I’ll put myself through this painstakingly long process of coaxing myself out of liking it. And most times it will work. Other times, I’ll return to the website, paw at the item from my laptop screen and make googly eyes at said item after which I’ll sigh and give in. And then there will be yet another parcel I can expect in the mail.


Meh. I think I have found my New Year’s Resolution for 2013.

Fingers crossed that I’ll make it work.

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