Don’t Hit On Me

Or any girl for that matter who has declined your offer to “rock her world”. Whether you’re dancing away at a club, or strolling around on the streets – your pushy touchy feely-ness is both creepy and disgusting but more importantly, it’s harassment.

Boys and Men of The World:
Your behavior is not cute or endearing and we most definitely do not think it’s flattering. Stop asking girls to smile for you when they’re walking home from the bar. Stop leering towards her with the rest of your “bro’s” when she’s out getting groceries. Stop trying to pick her up when all she wants is to do her evening run in peace. Stop calling out to her or telling her that you’re the best fuck she’ll ever have. Stop stop stop stop stop it. You’re perverted and have issues that I strongly suggest you deal with. You can start by watching this:

Hmpf. Rude.

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