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I am an example of someone who is cisgendered. That's because I completely identify with the gender I was assigned at birth. I have no fluctuations or reservations about my assigned gender. I feel the need to bring this up because a lot of people don't know this term, and more importantly, because people who are cisgendered have a lot of privilege that goes unchecked.

Click here fellow cisgendereds' – Examples of 30+ Cisgender Privilege

A discussion on this term needs to be had because cisgendered folk typically don't like to be labelled as something. They get mad when someone calls them cisgendered when they are in fact cisgendered (uh, hi, that’s what you are. The term has been around since at least 1994 so don’t get cranky.)

Solution: Accept that your anger is a negative reaction to being forced to realize your privilege, ie. a worldview of cisgendered folk being the societal norm and therefore “this is normal and all else is weird and substandard”, and stop being an asshole about it. Especially when people who are just as human as you want to be treated properly, not misgendered, not treated like they’re “weird” or “alien” or “other”.

Let's try to be more open-minded mmkay?

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