On Body Hair

I don't like my body hair.
I religiously get rid of it whenever I see it sprouting.
But I don't think I'll ever know if the reason for why I hate it is because I genuinely dislike body hair in general or whether I've been conditioned to hate it by our society's cultural aesthetic on female body hair.

I had the sudden urge to write about this topic when I remembered a very random memory. A male friend of mine was hanging out with a group of people, and it was out there while they were all sitting on the grass when he noticed that one of the girls he was with had a full blossom of toe hair going on. Wild, long toe hair. He was immediately repulsed. And then he came back and told his friend about how gross it was to see toe hair on a girl.

Surprise guys! Girls have toe hair! And hair above their butt cracks! And upper lip hair, and side burns, and hair on the backs of their thighs and hair everywhere else too. Just Like You Do.

This post is in defense of all girls who don’t mind keeping their armpit hair and don’t really think about the hair on their knees. With the increasing pressure to make it all disappear, I want you to stand tall. Don't conform. Don't give in to what everyone expects of you, don't fall under the pressures of what is normalized to be 'womanly', and don't, for the love of all things good, do it for guys like that male friend I mentioned. Because if it's okay for guys like him to walk around sporting a full untamed bush of underarm hair, then it sure is okay for you to have some harmless toe hair.

As for me, well.. maybe a few a days of prickly legs isn't that bad.


Double-standard much?

"No matter how many delicate scratches and how many streaks of dirt women in movies acquire after weeks of surviving in a war zone or battling zombies, they NEVER sprout even a hint of leg hair. God forbid. The camera zooms in for an intimate moment with their trembling, full lips and welling eyes, and the skin between the bottom of the nose and the upper lip is as pristine and smooth as marble."
— Mirror, Mirror: On Femininity And Body Hair

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