Indians Are Racist..

.. towards their own kind!

We Indians tend to be extremely racist (and extremely other -ists too but I'm not going to get into that right now), and for most people, this isn't really news. We all are aware of how bigoted our country people are.

Before I get into my spiel, let me give you some context: I'm from Kerala (which is as South as you can get in India) but I never actually lived in India. I was born and raised in Dubai and growing up, I mostly had friends from South India, so my interaction with Indians was limited to the South. When I went to India for my summer holidays, I mostly visited the southern states. I only got a facefull of interaction with North Indians when I moved to Canada and the number one thing that pissed me off about them were their wise cracks about South Indians. 

There's a multitude of topics South Indians get picked on by North Indians, like for example, their accents, their hair, their features. But if you ask an ignorant North Indian what the one main difference is between the North and South, they will almost always say: *drumroll* South Indians Are Darker Skinned Than North Indians.

Now I love my North Indian friends – but you people need to quit it with this stereotype. 

I have encountered so many instances when a non-Indian has asked me if I'm North Indian, because my skin color is not "typical" of that of the South; a stereotype that they no doubt assimilated into their mindset from the ramblings of an all too ignorant North Indian.

Each time it's happened, I've educated them by saying this: If you go to India, you will see every shade of brown in the color wheel ranging from pale brown to deep ebony. And surprise – these skin colors are found all over India! They are not restricted to the North and South respectively. I've gone to the North and I've seen plenty of very dark-skinned North Indians, and I've gone to the South and have seen plenty of very fair-skinned South Indians. So unless my eyes are lying to me, I think it's safe to say that this myth can be debunked. 

I never participate in gauging what the differences are between the South and North for the sole reason that it makes no sense why we're dividing ourselves up when we are all Indians. I also don't understand why we use our said differences to compare which side is better instead of celebrating them and using it to unify us as one nation. Personally, I have never come across a South Indian who has made fun of North Indians, (but I'm sure they are out there and they do do that), but every single North Indian I have ever met has always cracked a joke about South Indians in some form or the other. And honestly, I'm getting really sick of it. It's getting harder to stay clam and politely tell them what ignorant stereotype perpetuating haters they are tell them that they're wrong and correct them. Here's hoping I won't have to deal with another statement like that again.

Also, don't call me a "malabari". Or I will hurt you. Especially if you're Indian.
[if you're curious as to why not, then stay tuned for more of my blog posts. Or use this thing called Google] 

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