Hairy Surprise!

There is nothing more disgusting than finding a bug nestled in your hair. But there is nothing more terrifying AND disgusting than finding a huge (and I mean huge) hairy spider in your hair.

That's the surprise I had this afternoon. 

It was a beautiful summer's day so I thought I should probably take advantage of this rare occassion in Saint John and try to enjoy nature in it's full force. This momentous feeling of being one with nature did not last very long. I stepped outside my front door, walked down the stairs and before I knew it, I walked right into a huge spider web that ran acoss the width of the staircase. As soon as I realized what had happened, I literally did this and bolted back indoors:

I frantically checked myself in the mirror for any trace of spider on me. I even rotated on the spot in front of my mother and demanded she scrutinize every teeny aspect of my body for signs of a hairy beedy eyed bug on me. But she found nothing. There was no sign of any potential arachnid and I breathed a sigh of (short lived) relief. 

I decided that I was probably better off staying indoors and watching netflix or playing the PS3. So for three hours, that's exactly what I did. After I got bored with that, I headed upstairs to my room for some good ol youtubeing. While climbing up the stairs, I felt a tickling sensation on my arm. I didn't think much of it and I causally brushed it away. And that's when my fingers came in contact with a foreign organism that put my body on HIGH ALERT and had my heart spasming. 

Turns out the spider was actually on me and since it was no where on my body, it must have been sitting on my head for THREE WHOLE HOURS until it decided to make it's way down (no doubt trying to discreetly escape). I looked over my shoulder and there it was, trailing after me, a long web attached between me and it's butt and of course, I lost it. I went completely ape shit:

I tried to distance myself from it, but the damn thing was attached to me! Every time I turned or spun around, it turned and spun around with me. UGGGGHHHH, it was soo grroooosssss. Worst bug encounter ever.

Anyway, I managed to meet it counter clock wise while spinning, and the spider's life ended with a stomp from my shoe. While I felt bad having to do that (if it didn't catch me by surprise, I would have used the ol' paper and glass cup method to trap and release it outside) but with my heart thumping and my ears ringing, all I could think was DIE SPIDER DIE

But seriously, what the hell is up with bugs and my hair?!

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