It's August. 

AUGUST. How, HOW does time fly by so quick?
I only one more month of bliss before reality sets in. 

Of the many things I have not yet done this summer, one of the major things is that I still haven't found an apartment. No, in response to your question, I have not in fact been slacking or taking my time with finding a place. The truth is that Halifax is not being very nice to me right now. It won't supply with me with adequate information on available apartments in locations nearby to Dalhousie. I have been searching everyday but my emails either go unanswered or apartments go just as fast as I say "Hi, I'm really interested in this place, do you think I could get a –"

Anyway, I really, really hope I find something soon. I wake up in the morning feeling like a bunch of snakes are wriggling around inside my tummy and then I immediately feel nauseated. It's not a nice feeling to wake up to 😦


Jeff insists on seeing Pierce at the hospital.
Jeff: You know what? No. He’ll see Jeff next.
Nurse: No, but you’re not supposed to go —
Jeff: Or what? You’ll do twice as much work as a doctor for half the pay?
Nurse: Thank you?
Britta: It’s called a complisult, part compliment, part insult. He invented them. I coined the term. See what I just did there? That was an explanabrag.
–Community, Season Two: Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking.

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