50 Shades Of Grey

Nah. More like 50 Shades of Stupid.

Amongst the number of books that you should not bat an eye to (I'm looking at you Twilight) is this ridiculous creation by E. L. James. Really, this book is just a testament to All The Things Wrong In This World. In fact, all this book accomplishes is a new score on the stupid chart. If you really want a good erotic novel, there are thousands of other talented authors out there that can produce a little more of a storyline than "Plain Jane Girl Meets Hot Guy Who Treats Her Like Shit".

The Hot Guy goes by the name of Christian Grey, who star-struck idiots are calling the perfect man (he's another Edward Cullen except he doesn't sparkle). By their definition, the “perfect” man is someone who controls every aspect of your life. Someone who controls what you eat, when to eat, how many times you should eat, when you should exercise, how you should act, tells you not to touch him during the grand act, beats you out of a bad mood, doesn’t allow love, is self-absorbed and forceful, always knows where you are, yells at you for almost getting raped, demands you take birth control pills, has sex with you whenever he wants to even when you don't want it, never cares for your needs, oh… Shall I go on?

Ahh, the sweet romanticization of sexual and physical violence against women is in the air. Oh and guess what. This is Britain's best selling book of all time.
This sad, poor excuse of a book beat HARRY POTTER.
Excuse me while I go sob in the corner.

Anyway, the reason why I dislike this book is because it misrepresents BDSM, Dom/Sub culture, and glorifies the abuse that actual mentoring and training eliminates. Christian Grey ignores basic safe-sex practices, does not establish limits and disregards the use of safe words. Writing fictional crap like this is scary. People of all sexes, all ages, and all walks of life might be influenced or tempted to start a Dom/Sub relationship based on this book; may be more likely to prey on individuals deemed ‘weaker’ than they are; might stay in a shitty, abusive relationship because apparently, that is what love looks like.

Please, for the love of whatever good is left in humanity, do NOT buy this book and perpuate the popularity of such a poorly written and researched book. 

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