Slob Alert

People aggravate me. This is a known fact. Most days I don't let them bother me, but some people can really put a damper on my mood. 

One of the most annoying things about being a sales associate is cleaning up the pigsty mess cutsomers leave behind in their wake. Yes, I'm aware that this comes with the job and I'm not complaining, but today was very different my friends.

Picture this if you will: it's a slow day, not many people are sifting through the store, and for the most part all the garments are stacked and hung up in an orderly and organized fashion. For a sales associate, this is a scene rarely witnessed, especially for an AEO store. But then, just when you think the store couldn't look anymore perfect, the image is shattered.

Enter one dazed customer who floats from rack to rack of neatly folded clothes in a dream-like state. She lifts, examines and then roughly yanks out a shirt from the bottom of the pile causing a dominoe effect that leads to the disheveling/dropping of the other neatly folded items on that rack. Does she bother to pick up what dropped down on the floor? That would be a big fat No. She then moves to the next table, and does the same thing, and then to the next and the next until she has succesfully completed Operation Bedraggled.

In my head, my reaction was: 

Normally, this wouldn't enrage me because most customers would attempt to restore the pile, or pick up the dropped item, or look a teensy bit sorry about what they did. But not this little ray of sunshine. Watching her was like watching an annoying, smug-faced kid walk all over your recently built and beautifully done sand castle. Or like watching someone put their greasy, food smeared fingers on your completed work of art. And that ensueing feeling that begins at the pit of your stomach and shoots up to the back of your eyeballs and makes you see red, if acted upon, can land you in jail my friends. 

I honestly wanted to go up to her and do this:

But part of my contract demands that I maintain a friendly, harmonius relation with the customer and establish good rapport. 

However, if I ever see blondie again outside of work, I promise you I will come at her with a humongous wad of gooey gum and stick it right at the top of her poofy and severely bleached blonde hair. 

Ugh. End rant.

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