Must. Stop. Shopping.

So remember how I said I would try to curb my purchases?
Yeah, that didn’t work out too well.

About 6 months ago, I was browsing Indian clothing stores just to check out what they had and see how much they were priced at. I had my eye on a persian pink georgette anarkhali style salwar kameez but at the time, it was still out of my budget. So I left it in my wishlist and eventually forgot about it. But a month or so back I got an email saying that the item was now on sale. Any guesses as to what happened next?

In a few short weeks, it was here! And it’s purrttty:

So I got this from for under a $100 including stitching and delivery (and it came straight from India!) I really like it;  it’s more toned down than other salwaar’s out there and plus, I don’t a have a full-sleeved salwaar or an anarkhali salwaar so this makes a good addition to le wardrobe. Even though I gave them my exact mesaurements, it’s still pretty baggy but I’m guessing they did that just to be on the safer side.

Anyway, YAY for new desi clothes! If I lived in India, I think I’d only wear salwar’s and kurti’s. They’re just so damn gorgeous.

And as an Indian, I’m also guilty of saying a few of these :’)

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