Sorry I’m Not Sorry

To not speak up is to participate in perpetuating hateful conversation.

Also, if you are making hateful conversation then see below


It’s awkward being the only person in a group not laughing. It’s equally awkward to be the person to say “that’s not right”, and I understand and respect why some choose not to do this. I don’t call it out all the time because I can expect to be virulently attacked by people who are neither rational or open to learning. If alcohol is involved, and I don’t feel it’s a safe space, I might not say anything. But I’ve gotten better at it. Most of the time I do speak up, and while being called un-funny hurts me deeply because I consider myself a funny person, it’s more important to me to be known as a just person than a funny person.

You can still be funny without being hateful.


One of the worst ways to stop someone from telling sexist jokes is to tell him the joke isn’t funny. He’ll assume that you’re humorless and that he needs to save the good stuff for the right audience. If you really want someone to stop telling sexist jokes, you need to tell him, “I don’t get it” and then step back as he tries not to say, “It’s funny because women are stupid.

– If This Isn’t From a Book, It Should Be (via gaircyrch)

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