Stop The Finger Pointing: India & Pakistan

If you’re reading one essay per day, make it this one for today. A poignant and precise piece on how conflict resolution is only possible when, in simple terms, the nationalistic finger pointing ends.

“The predominant emotion with which jingoistic Indians and Pakistanis view each others’ misfortunes is schadenfreude. They count each other’s conflicts and rebellions to keep score. The Indian will talk about sectarian violence in Pakistan, and the Pakistani will ask about the treatment of Dalits in India. The Pakistani will complain against Indian atrocities in Kashmir and the Indian will point fingers at Balochistan.”
Of Nationalism and Love in South Asia by Shivam Vij.

What would be the implications of acting out of love rather than the dictates of the nationalistic mind? Solutions that seem fantastical – open borders, shared sovereignty, trade-driven integration – will suddenly begin to seem possible and real if we can put our love of humanity above our love of cartography and nationalist myth-making.
Of Nationalism and Love in South Asia by Shivam Vij.

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