Now that I'm going to be moving to Halifax, I have gotten so obsessed with looking at furniture/decor-related items online. Thankfully, I have resisted the urge to purchase anything and my feeble bank statements reminds me of why that is. Still, I'm so damn addicted. Normally when my funds are low, I will at all costs avoid going out to places where I will be tempted to spend my money. But it's so hard to resist the sweet temptation of online stores! So it's like a "Look But Don't Purchase" ideology and it's torture that I can't seem to get enough of. 

So far I have bought two items I know I will need/ will be out to good use:

A bag, coz ima need something to put my books into. I hunted all over the place both in SJ and online for something suitable and stylish and found this one at Urban Outfitters.

Ok so the first one might have been a purchase I could live without but it was only $9.99 and I needed a cheap book to push my order past $25 so I could get free shipping! The last two books will be very handy – simple recipes with very minimal ingredient. And for someone like me whose diet consists of noodles, sausages and nuggets, I think I should work my up to the more complex recipe books once I get my hands dirty.  

Fingers crossed I don't go around purchasing items of no immediate need!

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