When Moths Attack

My belief is this: all bugs have super powers and they usually try to trick you into believing it cannot do certain things such as leaping, flying, biting, stinging, revealing hidden wings, turning into a completely different bug altogether. The bugs that crawl slowly or stay completely still are the most dangerous because they're the kind that will leap off of the wall to tear your face off (the number of times bugs have jumped right onto my face are uncountable). Such incidents can cause you to rock back and forth murmuring incoherent things or leave you paralyzed in the fetal position.

Now I've grown up a bit and have gotten over my fear of most bugs. I have even developed the ability to capture them using a glass and a piece of paper and have successfully transported the intruder outside thus abstaining from my usual stomp-squish routine.

But moths are a whole different category. They have made it the top of my most despised bugs list. To most people, they are the most harmless type of bug out there. Sure they zoom around erratically and aren't as graceful as butterflies but their erratic, disorientated and drunk flying is PRECISELY why I despise them so. For some ungodly reason, they seem to always fly straight into my face and/or tangle themselves in my hair. I don't have to tell you how horrifying and gross it is to pull a clump of moth out of your hair and sometimes have only parts of it come off.

To date, I have had at least 10 different occasions when moths have attacked my hair and so I have developed such a grandiose fear of them that if I'm in a room with one, I will constantly be doing this unless someone finds a way to get rid of it:

So if you witness such an incident, know this: my exterior may appear somewhat calm but I am freaking out on the inside and could possibly be peeing my pants. 

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