Game Review: Brink

DISAPPOINTING is what this game is.

The Good: so much free movement, great customization, super sleek moves on the battlefield and crazy class abilities.

The Bad: the guys are just ugly (lol – sorry, but if my protagonist is a cutie, it definitely adds bonus points), no option of a female lead, absolutely no story line, visual flaws and bad A.I. 

For all it’s ambition, Brink falls well short of greatness. It’s really too bad too, because it is such a great first-person shooter game. There are four independent soldier classes and three distinct body types that combine to create a diverse way of killing your enemies, supporting your allies and moving around the battlefield. What I particularly disliked about the game was that there was just no story in the campaign mode. Your character has no role, no say and is just a background figure in cut scenes that mostly feature conversations about the upcoming mission. Another thing I hated was all the little name tags, dials and markers that made the screen confusing to look at, which subsequently made the gameplay super frustrating.

The Story: the Brink experience starts with a choice. As a citizen of the Ark, you can fight to impose order on the floating city that may be humanity’s last refuge in the wake of global disaster, or you can view the Ark as a prison, where authoritarian forces oppress your people and keep you isolated from the human societies that must still exist on dry land. It’s a dramatic choice, but ultimately it’s a meaningless one. You can play both sides of the campaign no matter which faction you choose, and your loadout, abilities, and stats are persistent regardless of which side you are fighting for.

See the Launch trailer. It’s actually very well done. And that’s exactly what sold me:

Verdict: Pass or borrow it from the friend who unfortunately purchased it. 

Rating – 2.5/5

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