Shut Thy Gob

I have had the misfortune of meeting quite a few unpleasant people but there are a few that stand above the rest. He’s a real piece of work and the only reason he is worth mentioning in my blog is because there is a lesson to be learned from him. What is his crime, you ask? Well, apart from being an oxygen thief, he is also a misogynistic, selfish prick. Now I’ve met quite a few of those too, but he takes the cake. 

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a guy who talks about his sexual conquests as an attempt to distribute to others the idea that he is the epitome of everything machismo. But really, he is just a scared little boy. He takes it a step further by talking smack about every girl he’s done the deed with. Now at this point you might assume that this is the ranting of some depraved teenage boy, but no no, this is a full grown adult man we are talking about. From what I gather, “real men” don’t feel the need to assert their manliness by recounting their sexual adventures. There’s nothing wrong with sharing and swapping stories – that’s normal. But calling the girl you hooked up with a whore, slut, bitch etc and graphically recounting all the nasty things you did during your encounter with her is trashy and repulsive.

I wish guys like him would realize that it doesn’t matter if the woman is a sinner or a saint – when you lay with her, you become her equal (you don’t get to sleep with her and then bitch about her the next day – that’s not how it works). So no matter what you feel about them, it is also a reflection of yourself. But that’s a bit too hopeful. There really isn’t a light at the end of the tunnel for some of the characters I’ve met in Saint John. 


On another note, I’m going to Halifax tomorrow for my awesome sister’s graduation! Such a smartie pants :’) Oh and shout out to my fellow MTV India watchers! Do you remember this ad?

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