Game Review: Mass Effect 3

OKAY so I have a new favorite game. Simply put, Mass Effect 3 is amazing. It is a masterpiece of virtual construction both visually, and conceptually. Everything is in such high detail too in in both cutscenes and gameplay. It’s consistently stunning whether you’re bumping around on the dusty red planet of mars, or exploring some foreign space station or tunneling through reaper infested caves. It’s stunning to put your eyes on at every turn and the ebbing alien soundtrack just adds the icing on the cake.

So here’s the story: During a dramatic attack on Earth by the life-eradicating Reapers, Commander Shepard is called back into active military service as the only person with the credentials and reputation to unite the galaxy’s various bickering races into some sort of coherent front (against an existential threat they haven’t sufficiently prepared for, naturally).

There is also the threat of the humans-first group ‘Cerberus’ who work against Shepard and the Alliance in an attempt to control the Reapers rather than destroy them.

Securing the help of one race can also mean screwing over another and that sets up your usual moral dilemmas which consequently have far reaching consequences. What I particularly liked about the game was the inclusion of Shepherd lending her support to everyday arguments, a nice touch that lets the player consider how galaxy-wide war is affecting the people off the battlefield as well as on it. The only thing I didn’t like it was that the “take cover” command was mapped as the same button as “roll out into the open where enemies can shoot you” command. So I’d often end up accidentally exposed to enemy fire at the most inappropriate times which was super annoying.

My verdict? BUY IT NOW! It is of so much awesome that you won’t want to put it down.

See the Official Trailer:

Oh and my absolute favorite part? The game has the option of choosing a female lead who is seriously bad ass and cripplingly confident. And that, my friends, is perfection.

Rating – 5/5

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