St. Hippolyte Day 5

Annnd we wake up bright and early and drive back into Montreal for another visit! I forgot to mention in my last post about the DAMN TRAFFIC in this city. Also, rude drivers! And drivers who don't signal and just cut in at the absolute last and worst moment. I would totally have road rage here if I was a Montreal-er (Montrealite? Montrealius? Err..). 

Today comprised of a lot of fun stuff and some of my favorite things to do when visiting a new city: seeing the biodome, the insectarium and the botanical gardens.

First up, the biodome featuring five ecosystems of the America's: the tropical rainforest, the laurentian maple forest, gulf of st. lawrence, the labrador coast and lastly, sub-antartic islands. While the visit was fun enough, I would not want to repeat the walk to and through the biodome because it was long as hell. 

Tulips! There were so many!

The rainforest – wherein I was sweating up a storm. Mmm, yummy,

My face is not spasming; I'm pulling a funny face

I am a total amatuer

Arun feigning interest at the weird candy-bar looking sea creature.

The puffin that would be squeezed to death if I got my hands on it. LOOK AT HOW CUTE AND CUDDLY IT IS.

Next stop: Insectaria! 

Creepy crawlies!

According to the weight scale, it would take 4000,000 ants to lift me!

Stick insect!

Last stop, the botanical gardens.

We didn't cover much ground here coz by then we were all pretty much wiped out. From the entire map of listed gardens, we only saw about 3/4 of it which were the Chinese and Japanese gardens

Magnolia Flower

Mom and I

And that was it for Montreal! I'm definitely going to come back to this city to experience the night life! That'll be whole other thing altogether 😀

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