St. Hippolyte Day 4

Hellllooooooo Montreal!

This city is beautiful – daytime or nighttime, it is always alive and kicking! There are soo many different kinds of people – students, professionals, artists, fashionistas, tourists – and so many things to do. Since it was out first time in Montreal (plus, we were with the parents), we decided to tone down our first visit by doing tourist-y things like visiting the must-see places in Montreal.

First stop, Musee D'Archaeologie  Et D'Historie. It was a lot smaller than I expected but that may be because the last museum I went into was The Museum of Natural History in NY City and nothing can ever compare to that. This particular one displayed all of Montreal's history and it's birth and journey into how it became a metropolis of constant activity.

The excavation site

Nest stop was St Joseph Du Mont Royal Church. It was a really pretty church with a great viewpoint of the city.

There was a lot of stair-climbing involved while going to see this church. And if you know me at all, then you know I HATE climbing stairs with a passion.

After this, we walked, walked, walked, walked and walked all through downtown, into China town, into a Chinese restaurant and then walked, walked, walked, walked to The Bay and into the underground city, shopped at a few stores and then walked back up into downtown and finally sat down on a bench on front of the Church of Notre Dame.

China Town

The Church of Notre Dame

Now I'm not big on visiting churches and plus, we had visited one church already so I didn't see why we had to go see another one. But according to Google and Shona "the Church of Notre Dame is one of the top places to visit when in Montreal and everyone says you can't miss it!" Why? Because of the sound and light show. 

The pictures below do not do it justification but try to imagine this entire church, with all it's intricate detail and splendor, bursting and exploding with color. It really was beautiful and I do recommend newcomers to Montreal visiting this spot. 

It was an eerie kind of beauty though. The lights almost came off as creepy.

All in all, a spectacular feast for the eyes!

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