Hippolyte Day 2

First stop: St. Sauveur!
For such a small little town, there is NO available parking spaces. And if you want to park your car in a parking lot, the fee is ridiculously expensive. So we ended up parking at a church parking lot and walked through the town to see the art galleries, shops and boutiques. Thankfully it wasn't a muggy day or else it would have been more of a pain in the ass to walk around everywhere. 

Shona and I at the lake near the resort.

St Sauveur!

There were SO MANY restaurants here offering so many different kinds of food that I was having heart palpitations. How is it that a teeny tiny little place has so many awesome places to eat at? Because of so much competition, the food prices were ridiculously low so you could eat a regular $18 meal for a measly $10 here – definitely my kinda place. Besides all the food options, there were lots of little boutiques selling all kinds of things from ladies clothing to kitchen items to show pieces and furniture from Bali. It was definitely not a boring couple of blocks. We stopped into a few art galleries and failed at trying to appear interested in the pieces that most times looked as though they were crafted by a childs' hands. Some of those pieces were being sold for 150 grand. Yowza.

After we got back from St. Sauveur, we still had a little more time to kill before dinner so we decided to trek up the mountain to the outlook point. This part of the day reminded me of how out of shape I am – I was gupling for air throughout the climb uphill. The damn rocks on the pathway did not help and I bet the sound of my wheezing scared off all living creatures in the woods. Somehow, my distress doesn't show in the pics:

Up they go!

Le parents and I

Arun and me

The Outlook

Outlook from the side

"I like that boulder. That is a nice boulder" (donkey- Shrek)


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