Hippolyte Day 1

Plan of action:
11 hour car journey to St. Hippolyte from Saint John.
2hrs ish of driving for each of the 5 drivers.  
Car journey must-have: ear plugs and lots of band aid. Why? Because driving with my familia means that half way through the journey, someone is going to stick something sharp in their eye or pluck their eyeballs out. 

Amazingly, the drive wasn't half bad. It was shorter than expected and luckily, most of the familia were either too tired to speak or fast asleep so there was no need for any unintended or intended injury. 

11 hours later and there we were in St. Hippolyte. It's a very quaint town with very friendly French-speaking Canadians:

We're staying at the L'Auberge du lac Morency, which is a resort that features apartment-style complexes randomly scattered in front of a lake with it's main attractions and activities placed at it's center. It's REALLY nice. Here are pics of our rooms:

This is the living room. See that couch there? The pull out bed is gonna be where I sleep for the next 6 days.

 Bedroom 1.

Bedroom 2. 


Room Jacquzzi

Two bedrooms + one half kitchen + one full kitchen + two washrooms + one jacuzzi + laundry room = instant love.

Front Deck

Back deck

Alrighty now I'm gonna go tuck myself in. Tomorrow, we head to St. Sauveur!

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