System Error

I have a place for everything in my room. My wallet sits at the top of my dresser, my keys go in the bowl on my dresser, my cell phone sits in the corner of my study table etc. Because of this systematic organization, I can find what I want with the lights turned off since I've accustomed myself to putting my stuff back in the same spots every single time. 

But the time between me picking up an object and putting the object back where I got it from is a very dangerous period. If I don't mentally tell myself "Ok Sharon, you have left your wallet on the kitchen counter which is not where you usually leave it so please remember that you left it there", I won't recall where I kept it and will spend ages scouring the area trying to find it. 

Oh and here's another thing; if I get distracted or interrupted during the time I'm mentally telling myself where I kept something, then there's little to no hope of me remembering where I put it. l'll only find it if I accidentally stumble across it while I'm hunting for it.

And that's what happened today. 
I had to submit my final qualitative methods paper by 12pm and of course, I couldn't find my car keys. 

Stupid, unreliable pre-frontal lobe!

So after running around like a lunatic, I finally found it next to my shoes in the basement. Why did I keep it there? Oh because my cell phone rang and I went charging up the stairs to get it, forgetting my whole routine of encoding the temporary location of my keys. 

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