“Boys Will Be Boys”

I really hate it when people say that. 
I don't think most people realize that when they make an argument like that, they are being profoundly anti-male by implying that we should expect bad behavior from boys and men and that we shouldn't be surprised when it happens. The assumption here is that men are incapable of acting appropriately and are somehow disabled in their understanding of how to properly integrate and interact with others. For example: eve teasing. It's not acceptable, but people brush it off by saying 'oh come on, he's a guy. He's hardwired to behave like an animal'. This kind of cavalier attitude exempts bad behavior, allows it to continue and simultaneously reinforces the notion that nothing more can be expected of boys and men. Yes, they don't have brains like the rest of us so they can't make well informed decisions on how to behave. If I were a guy, I'd find that insulting. 

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