Epic Facepalm!

What's the difference between a fertilized egg, corporations and a woman? Hint: one of them isn't considered a person. 

If you guessed fertilized egg or corporations – EEEHH, wrong. It's women!

Currently, the U.S is using women's bodies as their new political battleground. The hot topics are the legality of abortions and the use of certain types of birth control. Republic candidates are pushing to criminalize abortion and outlaw quite a few forms of birth control as a means of doing what I don't know. However, I do know that they are forgetting to consider how these decisions will affect women. Allowing women to make their own personal decision for whether/ when they want children is the single most important element in guaranteeing their health, whether they're educated or not, their life expectancy and whether they can be active participants in the world. Politicians should not be part of the discussion between a woman and her doctor – they are perfectly capable of deciding what is best for them and everyone should just leave it at that. 

Below is what these politicians want in a nutshell:

No sex ed and no birth control! If you get pregnant, no abortion for you! Now that you have a kid, you stay at home! Oh, no income? Well too bad because you're not getting any social assistance either! 

Lets all rejoice for the level of intelligence displayed by these genius politicians. 

This women sums up my thoughts exactly:

Why is this so complicated to understand?

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