‘Puck Bunnies’

Oh lordy, here we go again. Hey, SI, thanks for labelling all female hockey fans ‘Puck Bunnies’

"Hockey fans come in all shapes and sizes, buy few are as passionate as the league’s female fans (aka – Puck Bunnies). Whether it’s proposing to a player through the boards or painting their stomachs with the name of their favorite team, these ladies are not shy about expressing their devotion. In this gallery, SI pays tribute to the NHL’s Puck Bunnies."

Really bros? Firstly, F you. Secondly, this photo-gallery demeans female hockey fans, not by showing them having a good time, and expressing their attraction to hockey players but by suggesting that this is the only role that women can play in hockey. By labelling female fans ‘Puck Bunnies’, they’re separating female fans from male fans and making judgements about the way they can interact with the sport. Furthermore they’re insinuating that female hockey fans only appreciate the players, not the sport itself, and therefore are inferior to the ‘real fans’, who can either be men, or women who go out of their way to protest that they’re not ‘puck bunnies’. 

So SI, this is bullshit. Not because there is anything wrong with any of these photos, but because you’re using them to perpetuate a damaging stereotype which prevents female sports fans, and female athletes from being taken seriously. And that’s not cool. 
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