Crude much?

I was on my way to get a bagel this morning when I almost collided with a woman holding a sign that said “I REGRET MY ABORTION”.  Upon seeing her sign, I half wished that I had succeeded in tripping her under the guise of being clumsy but unfortunately she was able to break her fall. Ahem.  So, today an anti-abortion (pro-life) group sponsored by Lifelink was on full display outside Tim Hortons. While in the line-up at Tims, I eventually learned that this 'Silent No More Campaign' was funded by our gracious Student Representative Council.

3 things:

Number One:  I am furious that pro-life messages were being shoved into everyone’s business and I think it was extremely disrespectful of the speakers to mention triggers that could have induced emotional and/or physical pain from people who have had an abortion.  It was tactless to not consider the women who don't want to recall their experience(s) and make them feel as though they should regret their abortion.

Number Two:  Pro-lifers should be allowed to say whatever it is they want to say. That’s the beauty of freedom of speech. However, I don’t think they should be broadcasting and subjecting their personal views in a public venue as extensive as that of Tim Hortons. Most people just want a coffee before they head out to class; they don’t want to hear about how women should not have abortions because of the trauma they will experience, how they will be taking away a life and how they will come to regret it. They could just as easily have had their demonstration in the Whitebone Lounge where people who are curious or interested about their cause can go in for a listen.

Number Three:  What the hell SRC? First of all, I detest the fact that my money goes towards projects that don’t really serve to benefit the student community at large and now you’re taking my financial contribution to fund a belief I don’t personally support? The SRC claims that they don’t associate themselves with any one religious group but Lifelink and are both religious in nature. I do NOT approve of this, especially because of how callous and thoughtless the entire demonstration was.

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