Stop The Shaming

Do you see what is wrong with the above image?

If not, it may be because you agree with the idea that women don`t need to use their sexuality, or force their sexuality upon others in the forms of of revealing clothing or frisky behavior in order to be noticed, admired or given attention to. In other words, you strongly condone self-respect, modesty and believe firmly in the fact that women who have this are women of quality.

If you don`t support this, you probably fall more along the lines of what I believe.

I`m a big advocate for women (and men) being valued for their brains and their bodies. Why can`t we have a good mix of the two and why do we always have to choose and decide which one is better. Women are women for theirs minds and their bodies and there is no denying that they are appreciated for both aspects. One cannot come without the other, they make up the whole. What you say using your mind is just as important as what you do with your body.

To say that a women's self-respect lies in direct relation to what kind of clothes she wears is absurd. Self-respect isn`t the amount to which you cover up your obscene, sex-lulling and sex-inducing bodies. It may be one aspect of it, but we need to remember that there is nothing wrong with our bodies. It is only seen as obscene and shameful because we deem it so. I will never understand why people are ashamed of their own anatomy, and what annoys me is when they force that shame down other people`s throats and insist on its truth. The key point here is that those who dress a certain way, whether in a burka or a bikini, are doing it for themselves and not for anyone else. Saying a burka is better than a bikini or vice versa is irrelevant – that is your personal perception, your personal choice/preference and one that is not the same for everyone.

For me, you lose self-respect when you perform for others in the hopes that your stage act will fool them into liking you better but really, you're just conning yourself. When you act like a phony to fit in, you lose your self-respect. When you display an act in order to conform, you lose your self-respect. Anything that you do that is not inherently done for your own sake of being true to yourself is when you lose your self-respect.

It all comes back to choice. What you choose is not necessarily the same choice someone else would make. To deem one choice better than the other is unfair. The above image shames women who use both their minds and their bodies. It is internalized sexism directed at women and is not to be rejoiced. It is hypocritical, judgmental and encourages rape culture.

I can think of a few more things wrong with society than girls and women wearing revealing clothing, can't you?

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