To offend or not to offend

Start rant:

It’s fine when people sometimes say controversial things just to stir up a shitstorm. The problem arises when they offend a bunch of people, and say that it was just a sign that they really “hit a nerve” and said something that was difficult to hear, but important.Then when people tell them it was gross or tasteless, they applaud themselves for really pushing people out of their comfort zone. If they get mad, it really just shows that they were right somehow, because they hit too close to home or something.

But the truth of the matter is that it is not hard to offend people, and it doesn’t take any skill. There is nothing narrow-minded about being offended by stupid and horrible things, or by simple rudeness. People tend to feel ashamed if they are offended by anything, as if it reflects on how delicate they are, as opposed to just having a sense of right and wrong.

That’s the only way you wouldn’t be offended by things: if you had no sense of right and wrong. Being offended is just a name for your response to wrong things. Someone who offends you hasn’t “got” you or “won.” What they said, and why, matters. They don’t get a free pass on being scrutinized on any of that just because they got a certain reaction. If you say something truthful and important, be proud of that. You should be proud of doing the right thing, not of how many people it upsets.

Another thing people need to understand is that subjectivity of their opinions does not actually exempt them from criticism or even anger, especially if the opinions are particularly detrimental to people’s rights and safety. Excusing yourself by saying “well, that’s my opinion…”  really just shows how ill-prepared you are to properly defend your stupid ass from people who can actually articulate a rebuttal.


End rant

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