Why do people think breastfeeding in public is obscene or sexual? 

It's funny; people are offended by breasts being used to feed children, which is not a sexual act, but are fine with breasts being presented through the lens of the straight male gaze in order to sell products that have nothing whatsoever to do with breasts.

    For example    

          This is a thumbs up:                                              But this is a thumbs down: 

I don't understand!

Ok, so breasts have been hyper sexualized since the beginning of god knows when, and this has led to peoples perceptions being seriously clouded in such an extreme way that they seem to have misplaced the information regarding the true function of these unidentical blobs of fat on women's upper bodies.

I'll let these people off on the notion that sometimes it really is hard to surface back to reality when the waves of what society objectifies and fetishizes' keep crashing over you. So maybe this will help them understand why their exposure shouldn't be considered offensive: Breasts are an instrument through which a baby is fed. This is their sole purpose. They serve a biological function and it is only through male sexualization of them have their exposure become indecent. Women’s bodies are sold everyday in advertisements. What they do or don't do with their uteruses are controlled by the state. They are abused, harassed, and subject to public scrutiny because they have somehow become public property.

Personally, I think all that is offensive. I applaud women who breastfeed in public with disregard for the law. This form of protest sends a firm message of body acceptance, dominion over self, and refusal of societal shaming.

You don’t have a right to not see things you don’t like. You don’t have a right to police the human body. Nursing mothers getting arrested on the grounds of public indecency is about the most ridiculous thing I've heard. Covering women's eyes for being too seductive, like in Saudi Arabia, is just an example of how far these labels we have put on women's bodies have gone. People forget that these aspects are not inherently indecent or offensive – they are deemed so by us. As a result, you have this chaotic understanding of what we think is rude and what isn't and when it's found rude and when it isn't. 

If you argue that pooping is a natural biological function and so should be done in public too, then I'm sorry but you are an idiot. How can you compare pooping to breastfeeding? Breastfeeding has nothing to do with eliminating waste, which involves smells and potential bombers and e-coli which could lead to infections etc. A better comparison would be that breastfeeding is like when you sit down to eat a sandwich. You eat in public, right? Why can’t babies?

Lastly, this whole 'sex sells' idea is a fallacy – if sex sold, we would see penises where we see boobs. Naked men would be on everything that naked women are on. But do you ever see that? Nope! Now consider why.

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