Look at the following image:

Isn't Mary-Jane such a fox? UNF.
She looks so sexy; sitting there so comfortably whilst cupping her coffee mug. 

A few people have decided to copy this pose.
I mean hey! Look how good it makes you look!

And without furthur ado:

Random Guy 1: Well hai there! I'm just sitting here, all comfortable-like. Won't you join?

Random girl: Oh yes! I feel so hot sitting like this *giggle*

Random Guy 2: I agree! I sit like this everyday!

And finally, yours truly:

Ladies, if you want to look sexy without trying too hard, then this is the pose for you!



Thank you fellow trollers for the above submissions. Unfortunately, I must take my leave now for I have developed a mysterious cramping in my leg that needs my immediate attention.

Goodbye and goodnight!

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3 thoughts on “Trollin’


  2. loved this post! Definitely made me laugh. πŸ˜€

    PS: Sorry for creeping on these posts (which are clearly not recent!). I just got back on LJ and found you’d got a new account! Getting back in touch with what’s been happening with you. πŸ™‚

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